Video: First Impressions of Windows Phone 7.8 on the Nokia Lumia 900

The long-anticipated update is mostly skin deep.

Seven months. That’s how long existing Windows Phone users have been holding out hope for the 7.8 update to arrive since its debut last June. Obviously, that kind of wait leads to higher and higher expectations. Well, you might want to simmer down if you were expecting a Windows Phone 8-like leap into the smartphone future because that’s exactly what Windows Phone 7.8 is not.

We’ve crafted a video encompassing our impressions after our first few hours toying around with Windows Phone 7.8, and we think it’s a good overview of what you should (and shouldn’t) expect from this long overdue software update.

Check out a gallery of images showing off Windows Phone 7.8 in action after the break.

The new boot-up screen.

A slick new Music + Videos Hub live tile.

So many accent colors!

The redesigned live tiles for the Marketplace, Games Hub, and Office Hub. (Left)
The Messaging Hub tile, now wider! (Right)

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