Carboncast for WP8 manages, streams, and downloads podcasts without limitations

For fans of podcasts, Windows Phone 8 has not provided the friendliest methods of listening to your favorite shows. We’ve ranted about how Zune should not have been cut out, and one of the casualties has been simple podcast management between your computer and your Windows Phone. Another big problem has been the availability of podcast support, which for whatever odd reason is limited by region in Windows Phone 8. It’s a messy situation that will take time to repair, but we may have just spotted an interim bandage: Carboncast by Constructiv.

The app includes numerous features to help ease the burden of podcast management, like automatic downloading over Wi-Fi, background audio playback, and the option to delete listened episodes. Another noteworthy inclusion is the ability to listen to your latest podcasts in a Playlist, which sounds perfect for flights or commutes. Carboncast will also save your position in podcast episodes so that you may later resume right where you left off, much like how the native Windows Phone podcasts app operates.

For adding or discovering new podcasts, Carboncast taps into the database of That way you can find new shows based on the topic category or just by searching. One downside of this as pointed out by a few user reviews is the fact that you cannot directly add a podcast via a XML link; instead you have to submit a request to add the podcast to gpodder. It’s a small wrinkle that you’ll hopefully never run into.

You can check out the video above for a discussion about the app’s goals and an overview of Carboncast’s features (begins at 2:46). Carboncast can be bought for $0.99 from the Windows Phone Store by clicking on the link or scanning the QR code below.

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by Constructiv
Version: 1.0
Price: $0.99
Trial: No

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