HTC fires shots at Nokia’s PureView, teases its own new camera experience

We love a good catfight every now and again, especially when it’s between the top two Windows Phone manufacturers. Nokia has exchanged words with HTC in the past, but this go-around the Windows Phone 8X maker is the one in attack mode.

Posting an infographic of A Brief History of Photography, HTC raised a few eyebrows with two interesting statements near the end. First of all was in the 2012 section, which lauded the One X for its innovative camera features. A pat on the back is hardly a crime, but Nokia fans are bound to feel irked when they realize HTC basically also called the 808 PureView and its 41-megapixel camera sensor useless. We find this jab even more interesting in large part due to all of the rumors surrounding Nokia’s Windows Phone-powered EOS, which is expected to debut at MWC in a few weeks.

The second noteworthy bit about the infographic is the tease at the end. Under the 2013 section, HTC promises to “kick off a new sound and camera experience”. The new sound experience may be another aggressive push with Beats Audio, but the newfangled camera experience has us intrigued.

Last year, HTC led the trend of innovative smartphone camera software with its ImageSense tech and we’d expect a continuation of that this year too. But what could they add? More importantly, will Nokia rain on HTC’s parade with its own Lumia cameraphone?

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Source: HTC Blog

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