HTC has no plans to implement new ‘Zoe’ camera tech in Windows Phones, blames kernel limitations (Update)

Earlier today, HTC made a splash in the mobile world with the debut of their new One flagship device powered by Android. The smartphone powerhouse includes several innovative hardware features, but one in particular stands out: its Zoe camera software. Without getting too technical, the 4-megapixel image captured allows the HTC One to also capture video creating a moving image effect similar to Nokia’s Cinemagraph. Yet it appears the One’s most unique feature will remain unique to HTC’s Android product line for the near future.

Pocket-Lint spoke to HTC’s Symon Whitehorn, who is credited as the leader behind the company’s latest camera innovations. In their discussion, Whitehorn told the site that while HTC does not want to give Windows Phone owners the short end of the stick, he did confirm the company line that there are no plans to port the unique camera features.

The reason? Whitehorn says that the Windows Phone kernel is too limiting for what HTC is trying to accomplish. In fact, he went on offer a backhanded compliment to Nokia by complimenting work done with the Lumia 920′s PureView camera but ultimately saying they had to “pay a penalty in physical size”. With the new HTC One’s girth only 9.3 mm at its thickest point (and only 4 mm at its thinnest), it’s an understandable concern.

It’s disheartening to hear that HTC is once again snubbing all of its camera innovations from its Windows Phone lineup, but once again Android is moving at a rapidly faster pace than Microsoft’s software can catch up to and this appears to be one of the casualties.

Update: The original article mistakenly confused HTC’s Zoe software technology with their new Ultrapixel hardware technology. We have updated the first paragraph to describe the feature accurately.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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