Instagram for Windows Phone concept shows a glimpse of what the app could look like

We found ourselves in dire straits when an image of a BlackBerry 10 device running its own Instagram app before Windows Phone surfaced online over the weekend. The response has not been favorable towards Microsoft since, and some (including us) have questioned whether or not the Metro interface is at least part of the reason why the popular image sharing app has eluded Windows Phone.

Well if this concept is any indication of what Instagram on Windows Phone could look like, we haven’t lost faith in Metro yet. Created by deviantART user clindhartsen, the fantasized app shows that Instagram could look quite appealing with a Metro makeover (especially in combination with the seductive HTC Windows Phone 8X).

We’ll just have to wait and see if the fantasy comes to fruition any time soon. We’re waiting, Microsoft…

Via: Reddit (/r/windowsphone)
Source: clindhartsen (deviantART)


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