MOLOME photo sharing service teases a Windows Phone app

The app gap for Windows Phone is slowly being filled and Nokia has played a big hand in that. Now it appears MOLOME, a photo sharing service similar to Instagram, is headed to Lumia devices.

Above is an image shared by the service’s founder with the caption “Just finished meeting with Stephen Elop”. There’s clearly a Windows Phone version of Molome running on the yellow Lumia 920 in the picture, so it’s pretty easy to connect the dots. The image was shared six days ago, so it would appear progress is being made.

Molome has been a popular photo sharing service on the three platforms it supports: Symbian, BlackBerry, and Android. More likely than not, Nokia is interested in getting Molome onto Windows Phone in order to convince Symbian users to upgrade to a Lumia. Stay tuned.

Via: FaxiaMobi (Translated)
Source: MOLOME


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