Nokia tablet spotted at a recent press event, could be the real thing (Update: Debunked?)

Update: New high-quality versions of the photo featured in this article have surfaced online, and have been dated as several months old from multiple regions. Check out the new images here. The original article is as follows.

The hype levels are surging for Mobile World Congress in a few weeks, and the slip-ups from Nokia are becoming more prevalent. We’ve learned about a ton of rumored devices so far, but it’s been awhile since we touched upon what could be the most exciting new addition to Nokia’s Lumia family: the 10.1-inch Windows RT tablet. Today, new images have surfaced from a Nokia event in Pakistan that might have revealed what the tablet really looks like.

Blogger @schawlaf was attending a Lumia 620 unveiling event by Nokia Pakistan. While posting photos from the event to his Twitter feed, he caught a glimpse of an image — in particular, one device — that took his interest. The original photo, seen below, was projected on to a screen during the gathering. It shows what appears to be a Lumia 620, a tablet, and a generic Windows 8-powered desktop. But the tablet is what caught his eye (and subsequently ours). The image at the top of the post was our best attempt to enlarge and enhance the image in Photoshop.

The original image in question. Credit: @schawlaf

As you can see, this does not appear to just be a generic Windows 8/RT tablet. There is a subtle, bright yellow bezel framing the slate. Microsoft-News points out that the color is very reminiscent of the yellow Lumia 920, and we doubt that’s a coincidence. That this is also coming from one of Nokia’s regional offices adds some more credibility than there would be otherwise.

Obviously this is just a picture, and it simply could be a placeholder image that matches up nicely with the colorful Lumia 620 at its side. Yet with evidence stacking up and a few weeks to go before what many are speculating to be a huge showing from Nokia at Mobile World Congress, we think it’d be a good idea to keep this image in the back of your mind until Stephen Elop takes the stage at Barcelona.

Via: Microsoft-News, nokiagadgets
Source: @schawlaf

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