Other Nokia MWC 2013 announcements: Wireless Charging Car Holder, China Mobile partnership, and new Lens apps (Update)

Nokia made a slew of big announcements at Mobile World Congress 2013, but there were a few minor bits of news that you might have missed.

The company excited quite a few people in the crowd when they announced the Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder accessory for their Lumia devices. It’s basically the answer to every Nokia owner’s dream of wanting to charge their phone while using it to safely navigate or communicate. Details of pricing and availability are light right now, but we’ll let you know once we learn more. Update: Nokia has published a product page with information about the Wireless Charging Car Holder CR-200. It features NFC pairing to auto-launch the HERE Drive app and can be rotated into landscape orientation.

Another big announcement that should help boost Nokia’s market share tremendously is its expanded partnership with China Mobile. The world’s largest operator is already selling the Lumia 920T and Nokia announced that the newly-revealed Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 will also be released in special TD-CDMA variants to support the network. No release dates were given, but we’d expect them to hit stores sometime in Q2 2013.

Finally, Nokia has introduced a few more exclusive Lens apps that will be available to Windows Phone 8 users shortly. Glam Me was the first introduced and it’s specifically intended for use with the front-facing camera found on a Lumia device, allowing a user to apply effects and tweaks. Meanwhile, Place Tag is a Lens app for travel aficionados who want their images stamped with precise time, date, and location metadata.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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