PSA: Windows Phone Store search not working? (Update: Fixed)

Update: It looks like the issue has been resolved in our testing, and a few followers on our Twitter account are also reporting that search is functional again. The original article follows below.

We’ve just noticed that a peculiar error has shown up on our side with the Windows Phone Store. On our device and on the Store website, we are seeing the error message above when attempting to search for an app.

Normally the message, “Couldn’t find any relevant apps”, appears when there is no app with what your typed in. However, we first noticed this error when searching for the term Facebook, which has a billion and a half results it should be showing instead. We tried on the Store website and sure enough when searching for Angry Birds, the same error popped up. So far, we have been able to get it to work a few times but not on a consistent basis.

Have you run into this issue?


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