Video: Windows Phone battles with the Samsung Galaxy S3 on the silver screen with new ads

Microsoft’s Meet Your Match ad campaign is back after some time off, and it could be the biggest blockbuster you see in theaters this month. Yup, the challenge is moving up to the silver screen from now until the end of March in all theaters that show the FirstLook pre-movie featurette (Lowes, Regal, AMC, and Cinemark).

So, where are all of the epic battle scenes? If you liken yourselves to be phone nerds (like us), the sparks really fly when you see Ben Rudolph whip out his Nokia Lumia 920 to challenge three Samsung Galaxy S3 owners. Obviously, the ads are glowingly positive towards Windows Phone and in this case the Local Scout feature. But ignoring the actual ads, it’s interesting that Microsoft has set its sights specifically on Samsung this time around, who is still a Windows Phone hardware partner no matter how underwhelming their support for the OS has been. It’s also fitting that they’re taking on the Android juggernaut through the one medium which helped the Galaxy S3 rise to stardom: pre-film commercials.

Check out the advertisement after the break. Do you think Microsoft can make a dent in the massive Galaxy brand with these new ads?

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