AdDuplex stats reveal Italian popularity, high Nokia Lumia 822 sales, and growing adoption of WP8 globally

At the beginning of every month, popular Windows app exchange advertising service AdDuplex publishes their Windows Phone Device Stats. The totals are derived from 389 Windows Phone apps which leverage AdDuplex’s SDK v2. Obviously that’s not a huge sample size, but it’s big enough to get a rough understanding of the state of Windows Phone as we know it. The stats on March 1st didn’t disappoint, exposing a few new trends to look out for in the coming months.

Global Windows Phone 8 adoption is catching up to 7.x, which has now dipped below 70% worldwide. However, the old guard of the Nokia Lumia 800 (17%), 710 (15%), and 610 (14%) still rule the roost when it comes to share per device. Odds are high that we’ll see the Windows Phone 8 numbers continue to climb as lower-end and discounted devices running the new OS make their way out to markets. Nokia is already proving that trend to be true based on the early performance of its Lumia 620 (2%), creeping into the top ten of global Windows Phone devices.

Speaking of affordable phones, Nokia has proven that it’s Lumia 8xx series of devices are a force to be reckoned with in the United States. Not only has Verizon’s Nokia Lumia 822 (21%) dethroned the 920 (18%) in share, but combined with AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s exclusive offerings the mid-range variants account for 29% of all US Windows Phones. That’s especially surprising considering AT&T’s recently-ended BOGO deal for the Lumia 920 and the fact that the flagship normally retails for the same price as the 822 and 810.

The United States is predominantly ruled by Windows Phone 8 now, with the new devices accounting for 61% of Microsoft’s mobile market. HTC’s Windows Phone 8X has a strong grip on third place (14%) behind the two aforementioned Lumia devices. Yet the 7.x-powered Lumia 900 (9%), Lumia 710 (8%), and HTC Radar (5%) take up the next three positions for most popular. Even more awesome is the fact that the Samsung Focus (that’s right the original Focus from 2010) is still in the Top 10, holding on to a 3% share. Clearly, the elders are still deserving of our respect.

Considering how much attention Windows Phone receives in America and Europe, it’s not a big surprise to see English (33%) as the top language of choice among users. However, the fact that the second most-used language in Windows Phone is Italian is definitely a surprise with a whopping 15%. Developers would be wise to take advantage of this by localizing their apps for Italian as well as Spanish (13%), Chinese (8%), Russian (7%), and German (5%).

Other highlights from the report includes the first appearance of Huawei, Nokia’s continued dominance globally and in America, and Verizon’s quickly-growing share (29%) of the Windows Phone pie against AT&T (43%). Also included as a footnote to the report is a few more mystery Nokia devices that have appeared in AdDuplex logs, three of which are high-end devices. Verizon’s well documented RM-860, aka Lumia 928, is in attendance but new cameos from a global handset (RM-892) and a T-Mobile handset (RM-893) with WXGA resolutions has us excited for finding out more about these phones in the coming months. Could the latter two be Nokia’s Catwalk flagship?

For a look at the full report for yourself, keep an eye on the AdDuplex Blog for a post to be published.

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