Joe Belfiore promises fix to ‘Other’ storage issue in future WP8 update

The noise around one key issue in Windows Phone 8 is starting to get loud, and it has to do with storage. Users have been confused and concerned by their rapidly disappearing free storage on their phones, and when they investigate to see what’s eating up the most space the ambiguous ‘Other’ category is usually the culprit (see example above). The issues affects a huge amount of users as displayed by the number of complaint threads found through Windows Phone’s website, but Microsoft has remained worryingly mum about the problem — until recently.

Windows Phone’s Joe Belfiore recently responded to a few of followers on his Twitter account, and one was in reply to a worried device owner about the ‘Other’ storage issue. Here’s the tweet:

@shounencritiic on “Other” storage: some improvements coming in future updates, it will get better. Try turn-off skydrive auto-photo upload.
— joebelfiore (@joebelfiore) March 2, 2013

Finally, someone higher up the food chain has responded about the issue even if his answer was a little too light on the details. However, he does offer up one interesting tip to avoid the issue for now: disabling Windows Phone’s SkyDrive auto-upload feature for photos. We don’t have a Windows Phone 8 device in-house to try it with yet, but give it a shot and let us know if it helps in any way.

Recently another possible solution has emerged with an app called Shrink Storage. We’ll be writing an article about the app later today, but if you’re getting impatient click on that link to download it from the Store.

Source: Joe Belfiore (Twitter)

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