Microsoft updates Windows Phone web demo with new Start screen and Facebook integration

Last year, Microsoft made some waves in the tech community with the release of its Windows Phone 7.5 demo. It was an incredibly impressive HTML5 web app that recreated the Windows Phone interface using any browser, including on iOS and Android. The demo was a clever way to get some curious onlookers on other smartphones to give Windows Phone a try without actually having to go out of their way to check one out.

Today Microsoft has given the web demo an overdue update, upgrading it to support Windows Phone 8′s new features. That includes the new Start screen, Kid’s Corner, Rooms, Local Scout, Live Apps, and more. Another noteworthy addition comes in the form of Facebook connectivity; if you login with your account, the demo phone will import your friends names, photos, status updates, and more. That’s really awesome if you ask us, and the icing on the cake is that it can also be used on any mobile device.

Give it a shot by visiting

Via: Windows Phone Blog | Source: Windows Phone Demo

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