Rumor: Microsoft Accounts to support enhanced aliases feature for easy renaming

No one word can describe that awkward, embarrassing moment when someone asks for your email address and you realize you’re still rocking a address. It’s not 1998 anymore, your conscience says as your mouth begins to utter the confusing string of alphanumeric characters you created when you were 12 and really into fantasy videogames. Your Microsoft Account already lets you rename your address to something more modern, but comes with the cost of losing your personal data on your Windows Phone. However, a solution may be in the works and it leverages a system Microsoft already uses.

LiveSide has learned through its sources that Microsoft Accounts may soon support ‘enhanced alias’ accounts. For those unfamiliar with aliases, they are shell email addresses you can create in Hotmail/Outlook to use when you don’t want to put your real email address at risk. It’s great for online shopping or professional networking, and all of the emails sent to an alias arrive in the designated folder found in your primary account.

According to this new report, aliases will soon be able to function just like any other primary email address. In other words, you will soon be able to “sign in with any of your aliases for all devices and services that utilizes Microsoft account” using the same password. The main goal of this feature is to make renaming email addresses a much simpler affair than it is today, with LiveSide explaining that you can designate any alias as a ‘primary alias’. This solution will be especially helpful to Windows Phone users who want to swap up to a new address, which isn’t currently possible without a hard reset of your phone due to deep tie-ins with the Store, Xbox, and more.

There’s no time frame given for when we can see this change take effect, but we have a feeling Microsoft will be rolling it out soon to help all of those Hotmail users transition to Outlook.

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Source: LiveSide

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