Windows Phone 9 referenced by Microsoft employee, Windows app compatibility teased

The last several months have been an exciting era of change in Microsoft, but it’s evident things haven’t changed enough. Now the rumor mill is clamoring with speculation about Microsoft’s future, whether it be GDR updates for Windows Phone or a company-wide update spree under the ‘Blue’ codename. Today though, we may be looking beyond those iterative improvements to the next-generation: Windows Phone 9 and Windows 9.

MSFTKitchen’s Stephen Chapman was the first to report about the discovery, which come courtesy of the LinkedIn profile of a Microsoft employee and the resumé of a former employee from a partnering company. The current Windows Mobile team member is the one who name dropped “Windows [Phone] 9 OS” in her profile, and even mentioned that the software was on hardware from Qualcomm, Nokia, and HTC.

The mention above was exciting enough, but things become even more interesting with the resumé of a former employee of partnering company iSoftStone. The employee mentions that he worked on a month-long project to help with “the deployment technology on XAP and APPX which install Windows Phone applications from the desktop (Microsoft Store) to a Windows Phone (8 and 9).”

For those unfamiliar with XAP and APPX, the former is the file type of Windows Phone apps while the latter is for Windows 8 apps. Therefore, it would appear that Microsoft is working to bring together both operating system’s app stores and possibly even enable Windows Phone 8/9 to run Windows 8 apps. Finally, MSFTKitchen also discovered a Bing job listing in which both Windows 9 and Internet Explorer 11 are mentioned in passing.

So it seems as though Microsoft is working on the next major iteration of Windows Phone and Windows, and we can expect to see them both bumped up to version 9. Yet after all of this, there is at least one major question left lingering in our minds: are the upcoming ‘Blue‘ updates the same as Windows/Windows Phone 9?

Via: WPCentral | Source: MSFTKitchen

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