Windows Phone team taking a ‘different approach’ with announcements this year to preserve current sales momentum

So far Windows Phone has remained extremely quiet on the announcements front in 2013, skipping CES 2013 altogether and appearing by proxy through Nokia at MWC 2013. According to Windows Phone Senior Product Manager Greg Sullivan, that’s exactly the plan they had in mind. We’ve recently heard Sullivan talk about the Windows Phone team’s new “shut up and ship” philosophy and he continues to shed some light on that strategy in a new interview with Pocket-Lint.

Speaking to Sullivan in a cafe in Barcelona this week, the interviewer mostly highlights the change in how Microsoft is handling larger events such as MWC. The lethargic presence is mostly to preserve Windows Phone 8′s momentum, which Sullivan says is showing growth could be hurt with another new version of the OS for customers to sit and wait for. That momentum is reflected in the facts Sullivan shared, revealing that customers are requesting to see Windows Phones three times more now than a year ago and four times the people are walking out of the store with one.

Here’s the choice quote explaining how Windows Phone’s presence really works at shows like Mobile World Congress:

“We are taking a different approach on the announcements this year,” confirmed Sullivan.

It seems this time it’s more about working behind the scenes, rather than announcing that new details are coming, waiting six months to detail it further, then waiting a further five months before releasing devices to consumers.

“It is safe to assume we are working on low and high-end devices, but at the moment there are a lot of meetings going on with partners behind the scenes,” said Sullivan.

It certainly makes sense for the Windows Phone team to move away from the big-yet-predictable mobile events in order to keep current devices selling well. It’s a strategy which Google and Apple have moved to as well, although we can’t say we fully agree with it in Microsoft’s case. We won’t complain much as long as those rumored GDR updates keep on coming.

As a bonus, check out Engadget’s recent video interview with Greg Sullivan at MWC:

Source: Pocket-Lint, Engadget

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