Windows Phone U.S. market share bounces back in January, according to comScore

For months, we’ve seen Microsoft’s mobile market share outpaced by Google and Android in the United States. Finally, it appears that the full effects of the Windows Phone 8 launch and subsequent buzz thereafter are finally being reflected in analyst numbers.

comScore has just released their U.S. Smartphone Subscriber report for the month of January 2013, and it’s the first time Microsoft’s share has increased since May 2012. Compared to October it’s down, but last month Microsoft’s share was at 2.9% so we’ll take any little victory we can get. To rebound by 0.2% in a month is actually the fastest jump we’ve seen in Microsoft’s U.S. market share since, well, the Windows Mobile days.

With a new Verizon flagship expected to be out sometime this Spring and more devices on the horizon, maybe the Windows Phone team was right not to disturb their current momentum after all.

Source: comScore

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