Deal: Offer from Audible on Windows Phone and Windows 8 gives you an audiobook on the house (Update 2)

Amazon’s Audible service is probably the go-to audiobook provider at the moment. Fortunately Windows users have benefitted from having an app on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone to take advantage of the service with. Now, Amazon is offering up an exclusive bonus for those who sign up through either of Microsoft’s phone, tablet, or PC app: a free audiobook!

On Windows Phone simply tap on the ‘New to Audible’ link on the sign-in page, tap on ‘Create an Account’, and once you’re done just claim your free book. After it’s downloaded, it will appear in your library and you can listen to it whenever it’s convenient.

The good news about the deal is that only registering with Audible is required — no need to enter any credit card info. Though you can’t just pick any audiobook to grab for free, you can download any of the following three titles (all of which are worth a read listen):

  • American Sniper by Chris Kyle
  • The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (narrated by Jake Gyllenhaal)
  • The Power Trip by Jackie Collins

Like we said, those are some great books and if you haven’t read The Great Gatsby yet, you owe it to yourself to do so. Get in on the deal by grabbing the Windows 8 app here or the Windows Phone app by clicking on the link or scanning the QR code below.

Update: It looks like there might be an issue with the deal right now. Those who have signed up through the app aren’t being offered any of the titles listed above, but are rather receiving an excerpt of a book called “The Facebook Effect”. Microsoft’s Michael Stroh said he’s looking into it in the comments at the Windows Phone Blog post, so we’ll see if the issue gets resolved. For now, we’d avoid signing up.

Update 2: The issue has been resolved and you can now claim one of the three audiobooks listed above. However, if you already attempted to sign up when the bug was still there you will have to create a new account again to claim the audiobooks.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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