Facebook in an ‘ongoing conversation’ with Microsoft to bring Home to Windows Phone (Update: Video)

When Facebook Home for Android was first announced two weeks ago, CEO Mark Zuckerberg mused about the possibility of the new mobile experience coming to Windows Phone. At the time we thought it was just wishful thinking, or at the most a veiled public statement to help nudge Microsoft towards getting interested. However, Bloomberg reports today that the possibility of Facebook Home on Windows Phone isn’t just a pipe dream.

Director of products Adam Mosseri revealed to the publication that Facebook is in talks with both Apple and Microsoft to bring the Home software to either competing mobile platforms: “We’ve shown them what we’ve built and we’re just in an ongoing conversation.” Though we should not take that as a confirmation that the software or something like it will eventually arrive on our favorite mobile platform, it’s encouraging to hear that Microsoft is proactive in any kind of discussion with Facebook at all. It should go without saying that no one at Microsoft has responded to Mosseri’s quotes yet.

The report mostly focuses its attention on the iPhone and how Home may have to be tailored to Apple’s wants rather than Facebook’s, but we expect an identical situation for Windows Phone as well. However, Windows Phone may offer more customization features to help pull off a Home experience similar to that of Android, like the live lockscreen feature.

Facebook is investing a lot of money and energy into the success of Home right now, and if it does take off we’d hope Microsoft has some kind of response. These talks may just lead to that answer.

Update: We’ve tracked down a brief video clip from Bloomberg West of Adam Mosseri speaking about the chances of Facebook Home on Microsoft’s and Apple’s platforms:

Via: TheNextWeb | Source: Bloomberg


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