Third-party Klout apps for Windows Phone facing login issues due to new API changes

As operators of a blog, we have to stay competitive by adopting a range of social networks and reaching as many people in our audience as possible. One of the best ways to manage your social presence is through Klout, and it’s useful even if you’re just a normal social networking hound. Last week, we noticed that one of our favorite live tile apps Klout Score was no longer functional. Upon sharing this observation on our Twitter account, the developer behind Klout Tile reported the same problem and has since hidden the app from being listed in the Store.

After doing a little digging, several third-party Klout apps for Windows Phone (and even other platforms like Android and iOS) are suffering from what appears to be login issues. What’s the reason? As it turns out, Klout has moved on to a new version of their developer APIs and the old code is now void.

It took us a while to figure out just why several Klout apps suddenly sputtered out, but now we know thanks to a tweet from the Klout Developer API account on April 1st:

Blackout of the V1 @kloutapi is now commencing. Contact api @ for migration assistance. V2:
— Klout Developer API (@KloutAPI) April 1, 2013

Sadly it was no joke, and now it appears that the developers behind these apps on Windows Phone were blindsided by the move. In fact there are currently no functional Klout apps available in the Store, which is frustrating to say the least.

Moral of the story? APIs are a fickle beast, and please developers maintain your apps regularly. Time for them to study up on that new Klout API v2 code.

Source: @KloutAPI (Twitter), Klout Developer Portal


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