News adds account renaming with aliases, hard reset no longer required on Windows Phone (Update)

Update: As of April 19th, the feature is now live but renaming your account may still require a hard reset. More information here. (Original article follows.)

Microsoft has already made headlines today with their new two-step verification system for the increasingly more valuable Microsoft Accounts. In addition to that big news, there was also another announcement from the team behind introducing a new feature: the ability to login to your Microsoft Account using any alias address.

Yes the rumor has proven to be true, and now you can ditch that embarrassing email address from 1996 safely and easily. For those who don’t know, aliases are a feature of which let you create an alternate email address to send and receive messages with. It’s useful for when you’re shopping online and don’t want to give your real email address, in case someone gets a hand on your information.

Now with today’s new feature, you can login to your account with any alias that you’ve created previously with the same password you’ve been using. This makes renaming your account especially beneficial to us Windows Phone users, because previously the only option you had was to forcefully rename your account. This raised a conflict with Windows Phone’s account syncing and actually required you to hard reset (aka completely wipe) your phone. Needless to say, simply picking an alias to become the primary and everything now just ‘working’ is a lot less hassle. Unfortunately because of this change, aliases lose their appeal in terms of security, but we suppose that’s what the new two-step verification system is for anyhow.

The Outlook team has also announced the availability of 32 new domains to give your email address a sense of national pride. Now you can pick from,,, (our favorite), or 28 other new domains for your country. Here’s the full list:

These changes haven’t taken effect for everyone yet, but expect to see them pop up as the roll out completes over the next few days.

Source: Outlook Blog


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