Metrotube hit with glitch in Windows Phone Store, refuses to update unless you repurchase the app

The Windows Phone Store has suffered from a few peculiar glitches in the past, like apps ‘updating’ to old versions or apps that randomly stopped supporting a version of Windows Phone. However, most of this behavior has been seen across several apps and doesn’t usually target just one in particular. Unfortunately that’s exactly what we’re seeing with popular YouTube app Metrotube, which is refusing to update until you purchase the app… even if you already own it.

Following last week’s update, users first noticed the bug on Friday, April 24th with some realizing the app had also been erased from their Purchase History. LazyWorm Applications have addressed the problem by pushing a message to Metrotube users over the weekend (pictured above). Here’s what the note reads:

Not updating? Asked to buy again?

This is an issue with the Windows Phone Store and is completely outside of our control. We have received several reports that Metrotube has been wiped from people’s purchase history! We suggest you reach out to Windows Phone Support via Twitter @WinPhoneSupport or

So far we don’t know whether a fix is in the works, but we do know that LazyWorm has contacted Microsoft and is seeking answers. In the meantime, we recommend avoid updating the appdon’t uninstall the app, and definitely do not repurchase the app if you’ve paid for it previously. If it’s too late for you, make sure you contact Windows Phone Support.

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