Nokia Lumia 521 sells out quickly on Walmart thanks to its $129 price tag

Last we heard, T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 521 was tempting buyers at HSN with a low asking price. Since then the handset sold out from that retailer, and the next retailer on T-Mobile’s roll out schedule was Walmart stores by May 11th. So you might say we were surprised when, earlier this morning, the Lumia 521 went on sale at the superstore’s website ahead of expectations.

That alone would have been surprising enough, but then there’s the matter of the price. Previously HSN was selling it for an already mind-blowing $149 off contract, but Walmart flexed its bargaining muscles by giving the Lumia 521 an earth-shattering price of just $129.88 without a contract. Cue the rapid depletion of inventory, which was the result within a hour after the story hit various tech blogs. Whether that was down to low inventory or high demand, either way someone from Walmart and T-Mobile are grinning from ear to ear this Sunday.

The main draw we saw in buying the handset from Walmart (before we knew about it’s beguiling price) was the retailer’s exclusive T-Mobile plan: Unlimited Web and Text with 100 minutes of talk for just $30 a month (up to 5GB of data before throttling data speeds, but with no annual contract as icing on the cake). That’s a crazy good deal if you don’t find yourself talking on the phone much anymore (or heck just use Skype instead), and coupled with the Lumia 521 it really should be considered a crime because you’re practically paying nothing.

We’ll let you know once the handset is back in stock online, and we’ll also be keeping an eye on local retailers for anymore information.

Via: WMPoweruser | Source: Walmart

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