First screenshots and video of Viner, a Vine client for Windows Phone 8 coming next week

The race is on to bring popular apps to Windows Phone, with or without the help of their makers. Recently the tech world’s attention turned to Vine, a popular video sharing app from Twitter which just launched on Android this week after enjoying a few months of iOS exclusivity. But what about Windows Phone? The folks at Vine remain mum about any official app so just like with Instagram, Snapchat, and countless others, we’re left waiting and wondering. But developer Philippe Maes is doing something about that, and next week we’ll get to experience the fruits of his labor: Viner for Windows Phone 8.

Earlier today, Maes hit us with an email with some details about his project Viner and yes it’s exactly what you’re probably hoping it is: a Vine client for Windows Phone. For those unaware of what Vine is, think of Twitter but instead of 140 text characters to unleash your creativity, you get six seconds of video to create and share. The young social network has enjoyed a lot of success on iOS and now that it’s on Android, it’s safe to assume the service will hit critical mass soon (if not already).

So, back to Viner. After watching his hands-on video (seen above), we came away impressed and even managed to get a few screenshots of the app in action. Maes has crafted a lovely Modern interface for the app that looks slick, and the video demo implies it’s just as impressive performance-wise.

When Viner is available it will give you the ability to register for or sign in to an account, view your personal timeline, search for people and follow friends, like or comment on posts, view other users’ vines and likes, tinker with the settings and preferences, watch the latest and coolest Vines in the Popular Now and Editor’s Picks sections, and more.

According to Maes, Viner is currently in the process of certification by Microsoft. Expect to see Viner hit the Store for Windows Phone 8 devices sometime next week. (A Windows Phone 7.x version is also in the works.)

Update: Just to clarify for those who seemed confused, Viner does not include uploading due to API restrictions but is instead a feature-rich viewer.


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