Rumor: Is this a video of Windows Phone 8.1 running on a Lumia 920?

Microsoft’s biggest event of the year is but a few days away, yet there’s a cloud of mist surrounding the future of Windows Phone. If there were any place to talk about a new version of the operating system, it’d be BUILD, but rumors have persisted that the next big ‘Blue’ iteration of the software isn’t coming until early 2014. To give us some hope in the meantime, an alleged video has surfaced and it may be giving us a sneak peek at the future.

The short, poor quality clip comes from an unusual new YouTube account under the guise of ‘mati leaks’. It was created today and this clip is the account’s only uploaded video. That doesn’t instill much confidence within us about the reliability of this video, but what’s shown in the video looks convincing.

On a Nokia Lumia 920, the alleged build of Windows Phone 8.1 shows off two big new interface changes. The first is what looks like folders for live tiles, which borrows the same grid-like design from the People tile. When the mysterious user taps on the folder, it expands out to show each app in a collapsible horizontal row. The second big new feature is a Notification Center. Unlike the previous leak where it was a separate app, this clip shows the interface being accessible with a swipe from the top (just like on iOS and Android). It also brings down the volume bar and profile, and it also looks to group notifications by app.

The newly-made account and video quality should make us think it’s fake, but somehow we think this could be real. What do you think about this video? Truth or spoof?

Via: WMPoweruser

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