Rumor: Nokia’s ‘EOS’ may have finally gotten its official name

We all know Nokia is hosting an event in a few weeks that is definitely going to be centered around a new Lumia. The device has been heavily rumored since January, as it’s believed (and hinted) to be the first Windows Phone from the company to incorporate its laudable 41-megapixel oversampling camera from 2011′s 808 PureView. We’ve even seen almost every angle of the darn thing, and yet there’s at least one big piece of information that has eluded us: the phone’s name. Thanks to @evleaks, the wait is over.

The extremely reliable leakster recently crafted an informative statement out just a few characters in a tweet, revealing that the ‘EOS’ is no more (not that we expected it to be called that by the time it hit the market). Instead the phone’s true name is, drumroll please, the Nokia Lumia 1020.

EOS = Nokia Lumia 1020
— @evleaks (@evleaks) June 25, 2013

Nokia looks to be pushing the boundaries of its naming conventions with the beastly cameraphone, and it does make us wonder just what else could justify such a huge leap in the Lumia hierarchy. Is it possible there’s more to the handset than we know about? Considering its digits are about 95 numbers higher than Nokia’s supposed flagship Lumia 925, the choice does puzzle us.

We are obligated to point out that this is still a rumor and the name may well change before July 11th rolls around. Still, @evleaks’ track record should speak for itself and odds are high this is the name Nokia is sticking with. So, what do you think?

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)

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