Deal: Microsoft Store offering free Camera Grip with Nokia Lumia 1020, no AT&T contract required

In the market for a Nokia Lumia 1020? The 41-megapixel camera phone has just launched with AT&T today, and already we’re spotting a few great deals. Actually, this deal isn’t technically new but it has been extended by the Microsoft Store and if you’re planning to go full banana with the Lumia 1020, this is an offer you might not be able to refuse.

The Microsoft Store is bundling in the handset’s Camera Grip for free with new purchases of the handset. We previously thought this was exclusive to those who pre-ordered, but it looks like Microsoft wants to get some customers to pull the trigger on this handset by alluring them with a case that literally has a trigger for this handset. Valued at $74 on its own, this is a phenomenal bundle deal to grab, but as always there are ‘limited quantities available’.

The best part? You can buy the phone off-contract and still get the Camera Grip for free. For those curious, that’s actually cheaper than buying both separately from AT&T ($659 for the phone + $59 for the Camera Grip = $718 total).

At least one local Microsoft Store we called today confirmed they were offering the free Camera Grip offer in their store as well, but when it comes to buying it off-contract your mileage may vary. There’s no harm in trying, and digital buyers can go grab the deal now by hitting up the source link.

Source: Microsoft Store

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  • CRCErr0r

    Just got mine! :) The store in Aventura, FL does offer the camera grip, whether you buy it with contract, or full price. In addition you get $10 app store credit and a few promo codes for 3GB SkyDrive storage and one month free Skype calls (US/Canada) – so in all ~$100 worth of free stuff. Not bad… Unpacking now… :)

    • Saad Hashmi

      Wow that’s some serious loot! I’m getting tempted now… :P

      • CRCErr0r

        Yup. And if you get it WITH contract, you get a $50 app store card, instead of the $10… ;-) GO!!!

  • bobis

    Unbelievable it is. 41 megapixel. I have to find this in different online camera stores.