Instagram plays nice, fixes Windows Phone photo uploads and restores ‘deleted’ photos

Earlier today, the news that Instagram had made some back-end changes to its service resulting in the convenient disabling of unofficial Windows Phone clients was met with just about the level of frustration you’d expect. While Instance, #2InstaWithLove, and other apps are not technically supported by the service, they are currently the only viable way to experience Instagram in a way similar to supported platforms on Windows Phone. Well, we think it’s time to finally put down the pitchforks and actually pat Instagram on the back, because the service has restored everything they broke.

We have been able to confirm that photos uploaded to Instagram through Instance and #2InstaWithMassiveLove are now working. Previously when we attempted to upload photos through either client, the images would be deleted shortly after being posted. The other popular alternative, Instagraph, was unaffected by the changes due to its indirect uploading procedure.

Another affliction of Instagram’s API change was the deletion of previously uploaded photos (aka, photos uploaded before today). Since I’m relatively new to Instagram and don’t upload too often, I noticed several of my photos disappear earlier in the day from my account. As of this writing, they have been restored and we captured screenshots before and after so you could see the difference (below).

Personally we find Instagram’s reversal surprising. In a statement to The Verge, the service defended its API changes by saying they did not “specifically target any particular app or platform”. While they may not have intended to disable the Windows Phone apps, we can’t help but think it must have been viewed internally as a welcome bonus. Of course with the fevered reaction to the story, it’s easy to see why Instagram may have felt the need to backpedal to save its somewhat-deteriorating public image, but if the theory that the changes were made in the name of security is true we’re left pleasantly surprised and just a little confused.

Beyond all of the potential politics, we’re just happy that Windows Phone users (including ourselves) can go back to the way things were. Of course, we’d still like an official client but that’s a battle for another day.


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