Smackdown: Nokia Lumia 625 vs. Lumia 720 vs. Lumia 620 vs. Lumia 520

Nokia’s budget Lumia civil war, part two.

Nokia has done an absolutely phenomenal job fleshing out its entire range of Lumia devices to cover every price point possible throughout the first half of 2013. But today, Nokia has kicked off what’s surely going to become a new round of device refreshes beginning with the Lumia 625. The handset has already made a name for itself with its large screen, but how well does it stack up to the rest of Nokia’s budget lineup — the Lumia 720, Lumia 620, and Lumia 520? Watch the gory brawl for Windows Phone supremacy play out after the jump.

And the winner is…the Lumia 720! No doubt an upset (but unsurprising) victory against the cool new kid, but one that ensures Nokia’s hierarchy of Lumias is preserved…or is it? While the slim 4.3-inch handset racked up the most wins, there’s one huge loss suffered that may ultimately sway the results in the Lumia 625′s favor: the weaker 1.0 GHz dual-core MSM8227 processor. Despite that setback, the Lumia 720 still comes out on top thanks to its bevvy of feature advantages such as its thin 9.0 mm profile (bested only by the Lumia 925), higher quality front and rear cameras, dual HAAC microphones, the sizable battery, and its support for Wireless Charging and NFC.

In the runner-up position is the fresh-off-the-presses Lumia 625, which makes a few sacrifices that places it below the Lumia 720 in our comparison. That being said, the aforementioned big win for the Lumia 625 is the inclusion of a faster 1.2 GHz dual-core MSM8930 processor — the same powerful chipset found in the Lumia 8xx, 9xx, and 1020. Unfortunately the processor is undermined by its meager 512 MB of RAM, which suggests that some intensive apps and games won’t be able to play on the handset, despite the bigger engine under the hood. That being said, the processor bump gives the Lumia 625 a clear advantage with its 1080p video recording against the other budget devices, and we’d expect it to have faster all-around performance. The Lumia 625 also captured wins with its support for Super Sensitive Touch and its large 2,000 mAh battery. We also feel compelled to point out that the 625 is quite thin at just 9.15 mm, with the difference between it and the 720 likely indiscernible in real life, so no need to worry about its heft.

There’s a tie for the final two positions, so for the sake of comparison let’s talk about the Lumia 620 first. Its 3.8-inch screen may make it the smallest of Nokia’s entire Windows Phone 8 lineup, but its diminutive size helped the phone to capture a big win in the Pixel Density category with 245.51 ppi (compared to the 201 ppi of the Lumia 625, the lowest of the bunch). The little-phone-that-could is also the most affordable handset to possess Nokia’s lauded dual HAAC microphone setup for top-quality audio recording, and is the only handset besides the 720 to tout NFC support. It should also be noted that the Lumia 620 also comes in the largest variety of colors (six in total).

Finally, there’s the Lumia 520 at the bottom of the totem pole. The handset is obviously the weakest in a specs comparison due to its nature, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t win a few categories. The biggest victory is obviously in price, where the MSRP is just $183, though now that’s gone down even lower thanks to being on the market for a few months. Meanwhile the other category the Lumia 520 has championed is weight, coming in at an impressive 124 grams (the Lumia 625 is the chunkiest of the group at 159 grams). Finally, the handset also touts support for Super Sensitive Touch, something its slightly-better Lumia 620 competitor does not have.

All in all, the Nokia Lumia 625 holds its own amongst the established members of the company’s budget Windows Phone lineup. How do you feel about the new handset compared to the rest of Nokia’s devices? Is there enough new here to convince you, or would you opt for one of the others? Tell us your thoughts below!

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  • SN

    you missed a major comparison of Display Size of 4.7″ of Lumia 625 vs 4.3″ of Lumia 720

    • http://windowsphonedaily.com/ Saad Hashmi

      Bigger is not always better for people, that’s why I don’t assign wins for that category.

    • sai

      considering that the resolution is better for L720, L720 still wins it..

      • Kao

        But, Bigger screen is also good for browsing and 200 ppi is not that bad considering a phone. I would say one should have a HD display for a tv or Laptop .. for a phone.. 200 ppi or 400 ppi doesn really matter much.

  • Lolly

    It was one of the smallest features that stopped me getting the 520 for my Mother, in that it’s the only Nokia model where the capacitive keys don’t light up. That’s no good if you intend to ever use it at night.

    • http://windowsphonedaily.com/ Saad Hashmi

      That’s a good point. I never even realized they would cut such a simple feature out o_0

  • Passioante

    What about Flash ?? Is it there in Lumia 625 ??

    • mahesh babu fan

      yes.,there is flash

    • http://windowsphonedaily.com/ Saad Hashmi

      D’oh! Forgot to include mention of the LED flash. Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll correct this!

  • Sharkit

    Nice comparison, makes me think Nokia just need a 725 with the 1.2Ghz processor, 1 GB ram and slightly better screen and they’d have a killer mid-range phone. Would kill sales of the 820 admittedly, and except for people that needed a better camera the 92X line. But Nokia need volume more than profit margins, so I think the 725 should have come out at the same time.

  • Riz Lee

    Great information. More stuff about Nokia Lumia 620 to share

  • just comment

    nokia site said that Lumia 620 use an IPS lcd not TFT? it was nokia typo fault or what? i checked the nokia lumia 620 specification.

    • just comment

      this is the screenshot that i took from Nokia site

      • Viktor

        L620 has TFT, but don’t get confused by names, it has better screen IRL, then L520.

        ps: technically IPS is TFT too, so it is “IPS TFT” vs “TN TFT”, but nobody uses TN TFT name, it is called “ordinary TFT” or simply TFT.

    • http://windowsphonedaily.com/ Saad Hashmi

      In its press release, Nokia said the Lumia 620 had a TFT display so that’s what I was using at the time to write this comparison. It still says TFT, so I’m not sure which one is correct. You can see it if you go to the link below and scroll to the bottom.


  • Debanu Das

    buying one of these would be very confusing for the average customer.. the 625 may feature a bigger screen but the res is the same resulting in low PPI. the 620 has same res but higher PPI. add to that the availability of NFC which is becoming very much desired in modern smartphones. now the price difference between the two isn’t much. I would rate the 620 more than 625. true the latter has more processing power but that’s just wasted thanks to the low RAM.
    I agree with review about ranking the 720 on the top as it surely deserves the spot.
    a major feature that the review has overlooked is the radio. the 620 doesn’t have a radio chip in it. the 520 and 720 have radio chips but Windows Phone 8 did not have the radio feature bundled with it at the time of release. it was later fixed with an update. other websites confirm that the 625 has radio out of the box.

  • digmarket

    Nokia Lumia has its best of features presenting to you Nokia Lumia 720. Compare and Nokia Lumia 720 price and buy Nokia Lumia 720 with best offers at themobilestore.


  • JVV

    The big difference in some markets is LTE. The 625 is the first of the affordable WPs to offer that. Also on the IPS vs. “TFT” debate, all Lumias have IPS displays. TFT is probably simply used to differentiate from AMOLED.

    • nanda…

      Why 625 is best then 720 is……
      1.Supporting 4G
      2.Big screen always easy to read documents and comfortable to watch movies and applications like Facebook we can enjoy and mostly people are using smart phones for mailing purpose so again big screen is useful
      3.battery backup is excellent with out backup we can not enjoy smart phones.
      4.At the time of video call we can use 5mpic back camera also we can use to show any thing from our side so there is no problem with vgi can.But vgi in 625 also amazing.
      5.The priority thing is speed 1.2Ghz is excellent in 625.
      6.for better photos always use cameras not smartphones.

  • danielfrisbee

    i’d love a 720 in a slightly smaller body with 720p amoled screen. I think that would be the perfect device really, and eat into the iphone market in a big way. It’s hard to even find nokia 720s in the uk these days and a phone shop guy told me they were not making them any more.

  • maasani

    For me Nokia 625 is better, I like big phones with big screens :) (I work a lot on my mobile…)

    On paper also 625 wins: http://comperio.co/en/smartphones/nokia-lumia-625-vs-nokia-lumia-720.html

    I dont get it why in reviews 720 get better notes than 625, it’s better in almost anything!

  • Tarun

    Im not so sure but i think that lumia 720 and 625 have a great advantage over lumia 620 and 520 as they both feature gorilla glass 2….while 620 and 520 have just normal scratch resistant glass….