Xbox Music on the Web now available, streams playlists and collections through your browser

Xbox Music is already an impressive streaming platform that is among the most cohesive to span mobile, computer, tablet, and TV. But what about the web? That important question was just addressed earlier today, as Microsoft announced Xbox Music on the Web.

How does it work? Well much like any platform that’s not Windows 8 or RT, to stream music will require a monthly Xbox Music Pass subscription. If you do sign up for or already have a subscription though, the Xbox Music experience doesn’t sound like it will change too much.

You can still listen to just about any music you could think of without annoying ads, and you can even stream your Smart DJ playlists and Collection through the browser. Speaking of browsers, Xbox Music on the Web supports the following programs: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 18+, Chrome 24+ and Safari 5.1+. It also requires a minimum of Flash Player 11.0.

So if you’ve got a subscription and think streaming through the browser might revolutionize how you ignore your friends, family, and co-workers, go ahead and start streaming at

Pro Tip: If you have some Bing Rewards credits saved up, you can grab a month of Xbox Music for 950 points.

Source: Xbox Wire

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