Deal: Verizon drops the Nokia Lumia 928 and HTC Windows Phone 8X to the low, low price of free

Verizon’s done its best trying to make the Nokia Lumia 928 a hit while it stands in the shadow of its more dapper and more powerful siblings. It certainly made the right move by pricing it at an attractive $99 on-contract price, and even a couple of weeks ago we saw it for a stellar price on Amazon. Now, they’re downright screwing with us: Verizon has just dropped the price of the Lumia 928, as well as the stupidly thin HTC Windows Phone 8X, to the ever so low price of nada.

As the Back to School season commences, Verizon is likely trying to boost their budget offerings and tempt both frugal parents and broke college students into a hot new Windows Phone. You can’t make a wrong choice between these two either. Both have reasonably-sized high definition displays, come in multiple colors (no red option for the 8X though), offer the best performance the platform has to offer, include built-in wireless charging, and tout flagship-caliber cameras. The Lumia 928 may get a slight edge with its Nokia-exclusive software selection and addition of a xenon flash, but the 8X can hold its own with a thinner and lighter design.

Grab the HTC Windows Phone 8X here and the Nokia Lumia 928 here, assuming you’re ready to commit to a new/renewed two-year contract with Big Red.

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