Verizon’s own Nokia Lumia 1520 variant leaks, announcement possibly delayed

It’s the season of new phone leaks, and lately we’ve been drowning in a flood courtesy of the Nokia Lumia 1520. Since the early days when the phone was only known by its codename, the handset was always expected to arrive on AT&T first, for better or worse. But a new discovery by a noted Chinese leakster may give hope to Verizon customers for a massive, gorgeous phablet of their own.

The image, seen above, comes from Houdabao. As is obvious from the photo, the handset appears to be polycarbonate white with a clearly-labeled 20 megapixel PureView camera and ZEISS branding intact. Coincidentally, the leakster pointed out that this is a big Windows Phone, and the specs sound quite reminiscent of the Lumia 1520. Thus we may be looking at a Verizon-exclusive version of the phone, since there are a few design differences (speaker placed in the bottom-right corner, no raised camera hump, no wireless charging contacts, etc.).

Verizon fans have reason to be excited, but Nokia fans in general may have to wait a bit longer than anticipated. Rumors have persisted that well see Nokia at an event on September 26th. However @evleaks, who initially pointed to that aforementioned date, claims that Nokia has decided to hold off until as late as October 22nd. Considering Nokia may announce at least two phones and their much antiicpated tablet at their next event, we are hardly surprised to hear of a push in the schedule (as long as we don’t get two separate events like last year).

So with that mixed news, we wait on Nokia to deliver these potential stunners.

Via: Engadget | Source: Weibo, @evleaks


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