Deal: Buy a Nokia Lumia Icon and get a free Qi wireless charger from the Microsoft Store

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There’s nothing quite like finding a great deal on a shiny new Windows Phone. Sometimes the stars align and you can get a great bonus along with a flagship-caliber phone, and that’s exactly what we have for Verizon buyers today.

If you buy a Nokia Lumia Icon from the Microsoft Store, you’ll get a free Nokia Qi wireless charging plate (model DT-900). The deal is available for any customer who opens a new contract, upgrades an existing line, or adds a line of service with Verizon. It’s only at the Microsoft Store though, but if you’re nowhere near one of the shops you can still get the deal online. If you’re not willing to shell out $199 (Microsoft’s current selling price for the Lumia Icon on contract) and are willing to live with an older Windows Phone, the deal is also available if you buy a Nokia Lumia 928, which is currently free on contract.

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The offer is only valid until this Sunday, March 16th. So if you want a free wireless charger to go along with a 5-inch quad-core beauty of a Windows Phone, you’d better act fast.

Source: Microsoft Store

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    What a deal.. checking and hopefully get one asap.