More Surface Mini details: 8-inch display, focus on OneNote, no kickstand

More Surface Mini details: 8-inch display, focus on OneNote, no kickstand

Last night we learned from Microsoft that a ‘small’ Surface event is taking place in New York City on May 20th, and with that news came a surge of speculation. Now following up on his earlier report, Neowin’s Brad Sams has dished out a few more details from his sources on the elusive Surface Mini.

Early in the report, Sams reveals that OneNote is going to be a big focus for Microsoft with the Surface Mini. This ties into his earlier report which claimed the device would ship with a stylus pen, however it’s unclear just how much more integrated OneNote will be in Windows RT. There’s already a touch-friendly OneNote app in the Windows Store, but Sams believes Microsoft may take its features a step further for the Mini.

It’s also revealed that the display will be in the 8-inch range, and that the tablet may come in the new silver color introduced by the Surface 2. Additional colors are also a possibility, but there’s nothing concrete about that. The biggest revelation of the report is that the Surface Mini will not include a built-in kickstand like its siblings. Instead, Microsoft plans to offer a “cover… that will work as a stand” but it will presumably be sold as a separate accessory. Finally while Sams says the release date is still a moving target, the launch will likely take place in June.

Source: Neowin

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    I was really hoping MSFT would release a machine worthy of bragging about. Instead, I’ve been reading much hype on mid-level (or even sub-par) Surface mini. C’mon already, throw some real guts in the box (i7, 16gb ram, large SSD 512 or better, 4 (regular sized usb 3 ports (and shitcan USB2 already), video card that’s worth its salt, full HDMI – all in a 8″ design.
    If MSFT is looking for the next inventor of devices people want, come talk to me – I’ll light a fire under the OEMs. ; )