Wunderlist is coming back to Windows Phone as a universal app

Wunderlist is coming back to Windows Phone as a universal app

In a blog post announcing a major new version of Wunderlist for other platforms, the team behind the multiplatform to-do list app revealed their plans to return to Windows as a universal app soon. Two years ago, an official Wunderlist app was released for Windows Phone but it was pulled almost a year ago amidst a poor 2.5-star average rating in the Store.

It appears the Wunderlist team had renewed interest in the platform after Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8.1 and the universal apps which can be shared across Windows platforms. Wunderlist 3 is “almost ready for release”, and they’ve demonstrated their progress with the renders you see above. Wunderlist 3 on other platforms introduces new features such as real-time syncing across platforms, a new design, the ability for anyone to use Wunderlist Pro features for free within limits, and sharable Public Lists.

You can read more of the announcement at the source link.

Source: Wunderlist

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